Christmas Calendar (Silver) *doesn't arrive on time for 01 December* – Traveller Charms

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Christmas Calendar (Silver) *doesn't arrive on time for 01 December*
Christmas Calendar (Silver) *doesn't arrive on time for 01 December*

Christmas Calendar (Silver) *doesn't arrive on time for 01 December*


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  • Airplane Airplane +€2 +
  • Tutle Tutle  +€2 +
  • Compass Compass +€2 +
  • Heart Heart  +€2 +
  • Mountain Mountain  +€2 +
  • Camper Camper  +€2 +
  • World World  +€2 +
  • Africa Africa  +€2 +
  • Antarctica Antarctica  +€2 +
  • Asia Asia  +€2 +
  • Australia Australia  +€2 +
  • Europe Europe  +€2 +
  • North America North America  +€2 +
  • South America South America  +€2 +
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The perfect Christmas Calendar for Travellers

Make a beautiful gift with 24 individual travel memories.

~ Every day a new travel memory ~ 

How to build your individual Christmas Calendar:


This Christmas Calendar is the perfect gift for all travel lovers and globetrotters. You can customize this calendar: Select one charm for every of the 24 doors and give aways one beautiful travel memory per day. All our charms are available. Appropriately you can also add one key chain in the color of your choice.  After your order we build your personal Christmas Calendar and you've got the perfect gift for travellers. If you like to have a specific charm in door 24, you can write this in the order notices in the checkout area.

Which memories are you going to hide in the Christmas Calendar?


✔ Collect up to 70 Travel Charms on one Key Chain
✔ You can always add new Travel Charms to Your Key Chain afterwards
✔ Free shipping on all orders over 60€ order value
✔ Fast EU-wide delivery from Germany
✔ 100% plastic free shipping & GoGreen available




Product Data:

On the backside is a possibility to fix the calendar on the wall.

The dimensions are: approx. 37cm x  27cm x  3cm

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